Rick Maese -- Points After

December 02, 2007

I'm no psychic: But the worst thing to happen for the Ravens was the Philadelphia Eagles getting within spitting distance of victory a week ago against the New England Patriots. This is a team that plays every game with a chip on its shoulder, and it will enter tomorrow night's game as if it has something to prove.

On the one hand: Kudos to Ray Lewis for telling reporters that he's dealing with heavy emotions and doesn't have time to fan the flames of their made-for-the-tabloids feud with former teammate Adalius Thomas.

On the other: You can't help but wonder whether Lewis ever pauses and listens to himself talk. His constant lauding of himself as a mentor and leader has grown tiresome, and his description of the emotional turmoil he feels over a life senselessly taken too soon - while certainly heartfelt - also causes ears to perk up and eyebrows to raise.

21st century discoveries: It feels a bit like a great explorer discovering a new land: The Orioles have found the Dominican Republic. OK, it's not the time for potshots. Even though they've just now announced plans for a sophisticated operation in the Dominican Republic, it's actually another feather in the cap for Andy MacPhail and yet another sign that the ship is slowly being turned around.

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