Glimpsed in Pikesville

Bre Scullark

December 02, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun reporter

What do models wear when they're off the runway and off the clock? We would like to believe they lounge around in yoga pants and sneakers the way we do, but the fact is, they're often just as stylish off camera as they are on.

We stumbled across Bre - a Season 5 contestant on Tyra Banks' reality show, America's Next Top Model - at the Pantene and JET "Sisters of Shine" Tour VIP Reception, which was held at Velocity Hair Studio in Pikesville.

Bre was there in what she calls "casual clothes." We should all look so good in ours.

Bre Scullark

Age: 22

Residence: Harlem, NY

Job: Model

Self-described style: "I'm very casual, but my shoes always have to be trendy."

The look: White turtleneck. Gray acid-washed jeans by Seven for All Mankind. Suede Tory Burch boots with gold trim.

Where it came from: Turtleneck from H&M. Jeans purchased at Saks. Boots sent to her from Chris Burch, Tory's now ex-husband.

America's Next Top Shoe-shopper: "I love shoes. I love, love, love, love, love shoes! I might have about 30 pairs of shoes. That's a lot of shoes. Well, for my little closet, that's a lot."

Every day is a high heel day: "I have to wear heels. I don't have a choice. I'm 5 [foot] 6, 5 [foot] 7, but most of the girls I model with are 5 [foot] 9, 5 [foot] 10."

Best part of being a model: "Learning trends before they come out. It's like forecasting. I enjoy that. I don't take advantage of most of it, but I do enjoy it."

Worst part of being a model: "A lot of times you have to wear clothes you don't like at all. But I just have to think, `Remember the check. Remember how much you get paid.' "

Favorite shop: "Oh! There's this store called Te Casan. It's a little store [in SoHo], and in it, you have about eight different designers, all based in Europe. They only make a limited edition of each shoe. You can go in there and know you're only one of 30 people wearing that shoe."

What to wear to a classy affair: "I love cocktail dresses. I love anything that is five or six inches above the knee. Because I have skinny legs and I don't like my knees to look too knobby. And it has to be black, because it makes me look skinny."

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