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November 30, 2007|By EDWARD LEE

The recent disclosure that he has epilepsy has put Samari Rolle in the middle of a media storm. But weathering those distractions in addition to beating the odds is not surprising. considering the Ravens cornerback's given name.

I read somewhere that your first name means "strength." Where does the name come from?

It's Swahili. My dad was really into African stuff back when I was born. My brother and I have African names. His is Samora Machel. He's named after the African nationalist who died in a plane crash.

As you grew up, did you get teased because of your name?

I used to get "Samari Atari" and "Safari Samari." Everything you could imagine that rhymed with Samari, I used to get. But I liked my name because nobody had my name.

What was the most difficult job you had?

Trying to hide my report card from my parents when I had bad grades, because both of them were schoolteachers. You can't, because they know when you're getting them. My mom taught at the feeder middle school, and my dad taught at the high school.

Was it hard going to the same schools where your parents taught?

Yes. But I never went to school where my mom taught at, because that would have been too difficult. I went to high school where my dad taught. It had its ups and downs.

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