An O's bid for J. Guillen won't rise above rumor


The Kickoff

November 28, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

Jose Guillen is looking for $30 million over three years. He has been a headache for more than one manager because of his anger-management issues. He has a short fuse and a shorter shelf life. And ESPN Deportes has the Orioles in the running to sign him.

They must want him in left field - the same place this rumor came from.

Don't be shocked if it's a figment of someone's imagination.

Guillen, based only on his tools, would be a tremendous upgrade over Jay Payton. The guy hits for average and power, and he has a cannon for an arm. But it would take 27 bellhops to handle all his baggage, and they'd each have to make two trips.

This doesn't sound like Andy MacPhail's kind of guy, but it's worth looking into. Nothing surprises me anymore.

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