Everyone - Tucker Carlson, too - is talking about O and O


November 28, 2007|By LIZ SMITH | LIZ SMITH,Tribune Media Services

I guess she doesn't hate men that much. He's a man."

So said MSNBC's talking (screaming?) head Tucker Carlson, wrapping up his conversation last week about Oprah Winfrey campaigning for Barack Obama.

Carlson is MSNBC's uber conservative, and much given to this sort of snarky remark. (To be fair, so is that same network's liberal ranter, Keith Olbermann. These guys are demagogues in the sandbox. Calling names is their game. That is today's political climate.) One wonders where Tucker gets his information about Oprah hating men?

Hmmm ... well, I've always found Tucker to be faintly condescending toward women. He has a sort of smirky, frat-boy attitude. And he doesn't really seem to like women. (Not that he isn't 1,000 percent straight and happily married, as he is always quick to mention!)

Can she help?

So, what about Winfrey on the campaign trail for Obama? Many believe she won't affect the vote, but is merely providing a PR bonanza. Others say she has over-reached and will find herself savaged and unprotected in the ugly land of politics - casual, careless remarks flying all over YouTube and nightly pundits bloviating on her every move.

I say Oprah really wants Obama to win, and she's putting her iconic charisma on the line for that goal. This woman will be fine. She knows how to handle herself.

But ... how often have we heard it said that Oprah is so powerful, so popular, that if she ran for president she might well win? Oprah's plunge into campaign madness might not help Obama in the end, but perhaps it will serve Ms. Winfrey down the road, after her show finally ends.

Another round of intrigue

Just when we thought it was safe to discard the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana, up pops the pathologist who examined her body. She wasn't pregnant. No, wait, she didn't show any signs of pregnancy. She might have been, you know, three weeks along, if she was pregnant. But she wasn't. But she might have been.

Well, this back and forth will keep Mohammed Al Fayed, whose son Dodi died with Diana in that Paris tunnel, weaving his tales of royal family plotting for decades to come.

No way to raise a kid

Remember when Larry Birkhead, onetime lover of the late Anna Nicole Smith, was fighting for custody of his daughter Dannielynn? Larry vowed if he won the battle, he'd take the infant away from Los Angeles and raise her quietly in Kentucky, with his family.

Well, that hasn't happened. In fact, Larry has posed for photo layouts with the child, now 18 months old, and just the other day went on a shopping spree in Hollywood. He had Dannielynn in tow, paparazzi snapping madly.

Too bad. The little girl is certainly better off with Larry than she would have been with Anna Nicole's "husband," Howard K. Stern, or with Anna herself, had she lived. Anna was a prime example of Unfit Parenting 101. But Hollywood is no place to raise a child already made infamous by the sordid life and death of her mother.

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