Orioles' FanFest is set, features familiar format


The Kickoff

November 27, 2007|By ROCK KUBATKO

I promised some Orioles news, and here's what I've discovered so far: FanFest will take place Saturday, March 29, at Camden Yards.

It will be the same arrangement as last year. Players will work out and sign autographs before heading to D.C. for their exhibition game.

More details will follow, including the starting time.

I'm told the event was so popular last year, it made sense to keep the same format. And the scheduling is easier than reserving dates and space at the Baltimore Convention Center.

And this way, there won't be any conflicts with the Ravens playoff game.

Count me among the minority when it comes to Chad Johnson's penalty for excessive celebration. I saw nothing wrong with it - and everything that's wrong with the joyless NFL. He wasn't taunting another player. There wasn't a Titan anywhere near him (Trust me, I know. I took the Titans and they never showed up). His "celebration" lasted about five seconds and was harmless.

It's OK to dunk the ball over the crossbar or have five guys leap into the air at the same time to bump torsos, but Johnson can't swivel a television camera? Ridiculous.

And I'm not even a Chad Johnson fan. I just thought 15 yards was "excessive."


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