Glimpsed in Cross Keys

Lauryll Russell

November 25, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun reporter

Designer great Christian Dior recently wrote a book called "The Little Dictionary of Fashion." In it, he says it "would take volumes to cover the entire field of fashion."

But 16-year-old Lauryll Russell has figured out a way to define fashion in just one word: art.

In this Baltimore School for the Arts' student's mind, art is an expression of who you are or what you're thinking or feeling. And so is what you wear. On this day, Lauryll was feeling "artsy." So, then, she must be in the height of fashion.

Lauryll Russell

Age: 16

Residence: Woodlawn

School: Sophomore, Baltimore School for the Arts

Self-described style: "Self-expressive."

The look: Green military-style jacket. Red top. Black-and-white polka-dot top tied over the red top. Dark blue jeans. Black lace-up granny boots. Puppy purse.

Where it came from: Jacket from Goodwill on Reisterstown Road. Red shirt, she can't remember. Polka-dot top from Killer Trash in Fells Point. Jeans, she can't remember. Boots were borrowed from her mother who got them from Goodwill. Purse was a gift from her mother.

If you love it, wear it: "I just wear whatever I see that I like. I'd say my style reflects my moods and my ideas at certain times. I'm an art student, so I try to incorporate that, and so a lot of it is related to my art. It's very eclectic."

Spontaneous fashion: "I like to live my life really spontaneously, so that's reflected in my clothes. If I see something I like, I just grab it. And I actually do sew and make my own clothes, too."

Fashion don'ts: "My biggest pet peeve with fashion is like the trends. People buying something just because it just came out and it's the new thing. Just buying it because it's the latest thing and not really thinking about why they're buying it. That really bothers me."

Many people think fashion is frivolous: "And it is in the general society, like what I just said with the trends and everything. But if you look deeper at it, art is expression. Art conveys what you're thinking without saying anything. And fashion does that when it's done well."

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