Ways to preserve your holiday cheer


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November 25, 2007

Not everyone is full of good will this holiday season.

It's prime time for financial crimes against seniors, who are more apt to be accessible by telephone and mail, are more trusting and willing to listen, have limited experience with investments and are deeply concerned about maintaining finances, according to the National Crime Prevention Council.

Be smarter than a stocking stuffer by following these four tips over the holidays:

Do not give out any personal information over the phone or Internet to an unfamiliar company or caller - not even your mother's maiden name.

Use direct deposit. Your incoming and outgoing mail can be vulnerable to theft, especially if you're out of town.

If you're shopping online, visit secure sites and pay the safest way by using your credit card.

If you're unsure about a merchant or transaction, arm yourself with data by consulting with family members, asking trusted friends and researching your concerns online.

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