Glimpsed in Fells Point

Kim Danner

November 18, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun reporter

Color is your friend, ladies. Take it from Kim Danner, a former fan of the all-black uniform. She was hanging out in Fells Point while visiting her boyfriends' family, and probably would have passed by unnoticed in her one-time favorite outfit: black pants, black top, black shoes. But in her splashy green jacket, tops in pink as well as cream-and-black, blue jeans and brown boots, Danner - a newfound lover of happier hues - stood out like a beam of sunshine.

Age: 33

Residence: Denver

Job: Saleswoman at Decade, a Denver boutique

Self-described style: "Casual, comfortable, but definitely on the funkier side."

The look: Green military-style jacket. Jersey knit T-shirt with batik-like print, layered over a salmon-colored tank top. Born in California jeans, tucked into soft brown boots. Matt & Nat non-leather handbag.

Where it came from: Entire outfit from Decade boutique in Denver. Boots from Aldo.

Blacklash: "I'm trying very hard to get away from black. That's my major goal this season. That's what I've always done since high school and I finally got tired of it. Everything in my closet is black."

Color-conscious: "It took awhile [to get used to wearing color]. I don't know if scary is the right word, but you definitely have to open your mind to it. It takes a little bit more effort. I think there are some very fun colors to play with. It's really fun to just play with all the color combinations. And actually now that I'm doing color, I'm trying not to be safe. Now that I've incorporated color, it's fun not to match. I think it can really work."

Retail requires jeans: "I'm always wearing jeans; that's pretty much a staple. We're on our feet all day. We do furniture also. It's pretty physical; we're always moving stuff, with retail in general, you're always on your feet, so it's jeans and something else."

Jazz up your jeans: "I love shoes and accessories. Especially when it's fall, you can do lots with a boot. I love boots. I'd say boots are my current favorite accessory. And I love scarves in the winter."

Love to layer: "I have lots of little lightweight, almost-suit jackets, but I don't wear them as suits. They're just a layering piece. I layer a lot. I think that's partially for the look and it's also partially because it's practical. In Colorado, where I live, the temperature can change 20 degrees in one day. I think you can definitely get more color and a little bit more going on when you layer."

More, more Baltimore: "It was my first time to Baltimore. I wish I got to see more. I feel like I didn't get to see much of the local look."

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