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November 16, 2007|By EDWARD LEE

In his fourth season with the Ravens, wide receiver Devard Darling is expected to get significant playing time in the offense's three-receiver set because of Demetrius Williams' high ankle sprain. A native Bahamian, Darling still has fond feelings for the island nation he called home for his first 12 years.

What do you miss about the Bahamas?

Just being back home and the whole atmosphere. Every time I go back and as soon as I step off that plane, it's just an unbelievable feeling, a feeling of "I'm home." My heart fills with warmth just to be back home.

Is it fair to say that the water in the Bahamas is much clearer than the water around here?

Of course. My rule is, if I can't see my feet, I'm not swimming in it.

What's your favorite food?

I've got to go with conch. Conch is a shellfish that we eat back home. You can fry conch, steam conch, saute conch or eat it raw. It's almost like shrimp. You can do anything you want with conch. You can make a salad out of it, you can stew it, you can eat it raw. My favorite is fried conch. When I go back home, that's the first thing I get. As soon as I get off the plane, I'm hungry, and I go down to my spot called the Bamboo Shack. Has the best conch on the island.

What's the toughest job you had as a teenager?

Probably washing cars in Texas [Darling was 13]. I only worked for, like, a week. It was the sitting around that was boring. During the summertime, it wasn't that busy. It was just boring. That was the only job I ever had."

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