Writers' bloc

November 13, 2007

Congratulations, America: You have stoically soldiered for a full week despite the strike by the Writers Guild of America.

Sure, there have been hardships. One of the first shows knocked off the air was The Late Show With David Letterman, and it certainly would have been amusing to hear the Letterman writers poke fun at the new bifocal-wearing face of organized labor.

So with that in mind, please allow us to propose a Top 10 List in the Late Show manner: Top 10 Reasons For TV Viewers to Hate the Writers Strike:

10. Can only encourage producers of reality television with dubious projects such as Survivor: Dundalk and Kid Nation, Preschool Edition.

9. Too many images of Hollywood celebrities marching in solidarity with people they probably wouldn't recognize on their own sets.

8. The line for lattes at the Starbucks in Burbank now is ridiculously long.

7. Lost will go off the air before the key episode during which crash survivors figure out that none of what's happening to them makes any sense whatsoever.

6. If the strike continues much longer, the great literary traditions of prime time TV - including evil twins, alternate universes and "it was all a dream" explanations - could be lost to the ages.

5. Two words: Cavemen reruns.

4. May delay plans for 24-hour Law and Order network.

3. Has studio chiefs ready to smuggle in writers from across the entertainment industry's borders, most notably the Midwest and non-Ivy League schools.

2. Can't be good for Dunder Mifflin's fourth quarter.

And the top reason to hate the writers strike -

1. Lack of programming could force millions of American families to spend more time together - at least for those without DVDs, iPods, video games and computers with instant messaging.

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