Ravens' losses lead to one more must-win game


November 11, 2007|By PETER SCHMUCK

News item: The banged-up Ravens face a must-win game today against the Cincinnati Bengals at M&T Bank Stadium.

My take: It's never a good sign when you're facing your third-straight must-win game and you haven't won one of them yet.

News item: Ravens quarterback Steve McNair reacted angrily last week to the suggestion that age and physical wear and tear might be playing a role in his drastic statistical decline this year.

My take: It was good to see him show a little emotion for a change. Now, let's see if he can take out his frustration on the 2-6 Bengals before they take theirs out on him.

News item: Orioles president Andy MacPhail went to last week's GM meetings and told the other 29 major league general managers that everyone on the roster is available for the right price.

My take: I doubt Nick Markakis really is touchable, but let the bidding begin on everybody else.

News item: MacPhail also said he has had preliminary talks with the agent for Erik Bedard about a long-term contract extension.

My take: He's not going to sign, so look for him to be the belle of the ball at the winter meetings next month.

News item: One of the hot rumors at the GM meetings had the Yankees interested in acquiring Orioles shortstop Miguel Tejada and moving him to third base.

My take: Don't hold your breath. The Yankees really want Marlins star Miguel Cabrera, and what the Yankees want, the Yankees get.

News item: New Dodgers manager Joe Torre hinted Friday that Alex Rodriguez might end up joining him in Los Angeles.

My take: The Dodgers would be crazy to meet A-Rod's $350 million asking price if they don't have to bid against the Yankees. The Cubs already have taken themselves out of consideration, so it's probably going to come down to the two L.A. teams.

News item: The agent for Roger Clemens said Thursday the Rocket might retire and join Team USA for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing.

My take: This obviously dovetails well with his oft-stated desire to spend more time with his family ... in China.

News item: Former NBA star Dennis Rodman wants to be a head coach in the WNBA.

My take: Open question. How secure would you have to be in your front office job to turn a professional basketball team over to a guy with 20 piercings and a wedding dress in his closet?

News item: The Indianapolis Colts faced another round of accusations last week that the team amplifies crowd noise when the opposing team has the ball at the RCA Dome.

My take: Thank God we don't have to worry about that kind of unscrupulous behavior at Oriole Park.

News item: Famed football coach Don Shula said Tuesday that the New England Patriots will carry the taint of Spygate if they complete an undefeated season.

My take: This is the first time I can remember anyone having sour grapes in advance.

News item: The Cleveland Browns have a chance to gain a share of first place in the AFC North with a victory over the Steelers today.

My take: I could swear we were saying the same thing about the Ravens on Monday night. Now, we're wondering if they'll finish above .500.

News item: The team formerly known as the Tampa Bay Devil Rays trotted out a new name and new uniforms Thursday at whatever their little toy ballpark is called now.

My take: Way to go, Rays! Now, we can only hope that's still the name of the fifth-place team in the American League East next year.


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