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November 11, 2007|By STEPHEN L. ROSENSTEIN

For a small business, taking the first steps into advertising can be an intimidating and mysterious process. Even though we see advertising everywhere, creating and using ads ourselves can seem alien and expensive.

While ads can do several things, including attracting new customers and building credibility for your brand, they probably cannot create an instant customer base, solve cash flow or profit problems or cure poor customer service.

You must know, as precisely as possible, the demographics of your target audience and craft a precise message about your product or service that will touch the reader. You must give customers a compelling reason to call, visit your Web site or stop by your business.

Your ad must also stand out in some way. If it fails to impress your potential customers, they are not likely to respond.

Frequency is also a key. A single ad in one place doesn't offer much. Having people see your ads, as often as possible, in different places will deliver better results.

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