Give flower beds and paths a snappy brick edging

November 11, 2007|By McClatchy-Tribune

Lighting and edging your yard is a real snap when you use "Let's Edge It" snap-together bricks.

The plastic bricks with built-in spikes to hold them in place come with and without solar-powered lights built into them. Swivel-action connectors allow you to create straight or curved designs to encircle a flowerbed or tree or follow a curved path.

Installation requires no digging, mortar, heavy lifting or electrical wiring. $39.95 for a 25-foot section of unlighted plastic bricks; $61.95 for a 20-foot kit of bricks and four solar lights; $89.95 for a 40-foot kit with six solar lights.

Bricks are done in terra cotta or gray. Available at or call toll free 800-449-3030.

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