This Week's Checklist

November 11, 2007

Around the house

Replace five of your most frequently used incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs. These bulbs use less energy, last longer and ultimately save you money on your energy bill throughout the year.

The laundry room is a great place to save energy and money. As winter approaches, use cold water to wash clothing and choose a laundry detergent that is formulated for use in cold temperatures. Also, cleaning the lint trap after drying each load of laundry will increase the efficiency of your dryer.

Pack away summer clothing, making sure that every piece is washed and stain-free. Stains can appear months later in unwashed fabrics.

In the yard

Prep your driveway and garage for a safer winter. Remove any stored gasoline, chemicals and flammable liquids from attached garages to help prevent fumes from finding their way into your buttoned-up home.

Install driveway marking stakes for the snowplow in the fall, while the ground is still soft. Waiting for the cold weather will allow the ground to freeze and you may not get the marking stakes to enter the earth, which can lead to accidents and damage to your property.

Bring garden hoses and their reels in for storage, especially if the reels have any metal components. Outdoor water pipes could rupture if a hose is left connected to it throughout the winter. Replacing these pipes can be costly and inconvenient.

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