Some parting words

November 10, 2007

Please. Don't cry.

There's no crying in sportswriting.

OK, OK, seriously.

A few final thoughts on the Terps - both hoops and football - for you, as this will be my last blog post for The Sun. ...

The best part about covering Maryland football the past few years? The players. They're good kids who have stayed out of trouble, and their personalities have always made the late-night waits for their interviews worth it.

The worst part? Standing at practice in the freezing cold. Standing at practice when it's 115 degrees. Standing at practice. ...

The best part about covering Maryland basketball? Gary Williams. A reporter's dream. You never know what you're going to get, and his sideline demeanor is sometimes more entertaining than the game itself.

The worst part about covering Maryland basketball? Gary Williams. Player interviews the day before a game can sometimes depend on what Gary had for breakfast. Practices are closed. No peeking.

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