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November 09, 2007


Ravens, 26-20

I'm pretty sure the Ravens will win this game, but I'm not sure if Steve McNair will be the one finishing it.

Edward Lee

Ravens, 27-20

In a rousing rebuttal, McNair throws three touchdown passes and the offense explodes for its highest output this season.

Rick Maese

Ravens, 20-16

Revised Baltimore sports calendar: In November, we start counting the days until baseball season.

Don Markus

Bengals, 24-17

Cincinnati's passing game is even more dangerous than Pittsburgh's.

Mike Preston

Ravens, 17-14

The Bengals are so sorry on defense that even the Ravens can score points.

Peter Schmuck

Ravens, 23-13

When Brian Billick gets the urge to feel sorry for himself, all he has to do is look at Marvin Lewis to see things could be worse.

David Steele

Ravens, 27-26

After much film scrutiny and statistical analysis, this conclusion: C'mon, it's the Cincinnati Bengals, and it's at home.

Art Donovan

Ravens, 9-6

It'll be a game if both teams show up.

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