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November 09, 2007

Where the Ravens fall in the latest power rankings:


No. 17: Have we officially reached rock-bottom in the Brian Billick era? The 38-7 loss at Pittsburgh was the Ravens' worst defeat in the 136 games Billick has coached in Baltimore.


No. 17: They just aren't right. What has happened to the vaunted defense? Is it because they know they get nothing from the other side?


No. 17: Baltimore did not look anything like a playoff team [Monday night]. All season, we've pointed to a host of injuries on the offensive line as reasons for the Ravens' offensive struggles. Well, the Ravens had five healthy starters - including Jonathan Ogden - playing Monday night. Steve McNair never looked worse.


No. 23: Something horrible has happened to one of the great QBs, Steve McNair. Watching him throwing those teeny-weeny passes against the Steelers ... was like watching a house being built out of Lego blocks. Is his arm really that shot?

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No. 21: Only three of Steve McNair's 179 passes this year have resulted in plays of 20-plus yards.

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