Horror film `P2' has one level: dull

Review D-

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November 09, 2007|By Robert Abele

If the horror film P2 sounds like a sequel even when it isn't - the title refers to where you might have left your car - it still has the feeling of something done many times before.

Granted, the notion of a subterranean parking garage as concrete, oil-stained circles of hell is a serviceable enough genre idea for geographic suspense. But this dull story of a bent underground security guard (Wes Bentley) obsessed with a beautiful executive (Rachel Nichols) many floors above quickly devolves to little more than a strained effort in trapping, terrorizing and - because no modern chiller can seemingly do without it - torture from director/co-writer Franck Khalfoun and co-writer/producer Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes).

P2 (Summit Entertainment) Starring Rachel Nichols, Wes Bentley. Directed by Franck Khalfoun. Rated R. Time 98 minutes.

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