November 07, 2007


Possible site for slots opposed

The Worcester County commissioners have come out in opposition to a proposed slot machine gambling site planned for the Ocean Downs racetrack on the Eastern Shore, according to a letter the commission president sent to the county's General Assembly delegation.

In a public meeting yesterday, the letter said, the commissioners discussed Gov. Martin O'Malley's slots proposal and have asked their state representatives to have the site removed from the bill, joining Ocean City officials who oppose the legalization of slot machines out of fear that they could hurt local restaurants and businesses that depend on tourism to survive.

Bradley Olson

Prince George's

Power plant worker dies after 80-foot fall

An employee at Maryland's Chalk Point power plant, on the Patuxent River at Swanson Creek, died after falling into a ventilation shaft yesterday.

Mark Brady, a Prince George's County fire and EMS spokesman, says the worker fell about 80 feet into the shaft.

Brady says the department received a call about the fall at 2:30 p.m. About 40 minutes later, the commanding officer on the scene confirmed that the worker had died. It is not clear how the fall occurred.

Associated Press

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