Nicollette Sheridan says she wants a baby all her own


November 07, 2007|By LIZ SMITH | LIZ SMITH,Tribune Media Services


That's Nicollette Sheridan, the blond bombshell of Desperate Housewives.

What does this beauty want? Not a handsome, talented man - she already has that in the fine form of singer Michael Bolton. Not success - she's had that since she sexed up the old cul-de-sac on Knots Landing.

What Nic says she yearns for is a baby. The star revealed this while chatting with ubiquitous writer and show biz historian Hal Lifson in the lobby of the Beverly Hills Hotel. She was a knockout in sweats, no makeup and seemed so down to earth that Lifson pulled out pictures of his own child, Sofia. That's when Nic expressed her maternal longing. She added, "I don't know how I'd have time to deal with it, but being a mom is so special. Of course, if it happened, I would just make time!"

Well, I guess Nicollette won't thank me, because now every time she steps out, there'll be a camera trained on her midsection, and then those screaming "baby bump" captions.

Out of the limelight

Speaking of this tabloid obsession with women's bodies - this notion that unless a stomach is positively concave, there's a bun in the oven - let's applaud both Christina Aguilera and Jennifer Lopez for not addressing the issue of their now undeniable pregnancies.

Pregnancy is a private matter and in the first months there's always a possibility of problems. Whose business is it, anyway? And I'm not surprised at either star's stance. Christina is a self-composed young woman, dedicated to her singing and her career, but not eager to make every interviewer her friend, or worry much over her press image. (I interviewed her once, and found her beautiful, smart and refreshingly matter-of-fact.)

As for Miss Lopez, she has made a shift in lifestyle and attitude since her marriage to Marc Anthony. The diva, who once couldn't stay out of the news, lives quietly when not performing. She does not discuss her private life. She is one star who actually learned her lesson - the hard way, but she learned it.

Oh, boo-hoo

Heather Mills, the soon-to-be-ex Mrs. Paul McCartney attempted to make friends and influence people by going on TV and crying about her bad image. She's not a gold-digger, she and Paul argued ferociously over his not giving to charity and she has received death threats.

Oh, please, who doesn't receive death threats?

I have no doubt that Paul McCartney is a handful and snoot-full. He's a big star with a big ego and a big image to protect. The money Paul initially offered Heather to go away and shut up would feed a small nation for decades. But Heather wanted more, more, more. Now she threatens to reveal tape recordings that will "ruin" him.

Really? Heather must be living in the early 20th century when people could be ruined for (supposedly) drinking too much, smoking dope too much and roughing up the wife a bit. At this point, Sir Paul couldn't be "ruined" even if Heather had it on tape that he and John Lennon slept together.

I'll take Mills at her word that she didn't have fun as Lady McCartney. Get over it!

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