Ex-Mid asked woman to do porn film, she says

Midshipman testifies in court-martial of officer charged in making of sex videos

November 06, 2007|By Josh Mitchell | Josh Mitchell,Sun reporter

WASHINGTON -- A former Naval Academy midshipman who appears in sex DVDs allegedly recovered from a Navy physician's house asked his former girlfriend to make a pornographic movie with him when they were dating, the woman testified yesterday.

The woman, a senior midshipman testifying in the court-martial of Navy Cmdr. Kevin Ronan, said her ex-boyfriend asked on several occasions to film them having sex and made her feel guilty when she declined.

Defense attorneys for Ronan sought to use the woman's testimony to support their contention that the sex videos were made by one or more of the midshipmen who appear in them - not Ronan. He is charged with conduct unbecoming an officer, illegal wiretapping and obstruction of justice.

Ronan has maintained his innocence and has said the videos, which show midshipmen having sex with their partners and masturbating in Ronan's guest bedrooms, are being used to blackmail him. The Sun is not naming the former or current midshipmen because they are alleged to be the victims of a sex crime.

Prosecutors say Ronan used a camera hidden in an air purifier to secretly tape the midshipmen. Investigators testified last week that Ronan wrote the label "Lectures" on one of the DVDs, and that his Annapolis-area home computer stored gay pornography in a folder with the same label.

On the second day of the defense's case yesterday, two of Ronan's former colleagues vouched for his character, and said that they have always known the doctor to be truthful.

The female midshipman said she wanted to testify because she believes Ronan is innocent. She said she and her boyfriend at the time stayed at Ronan's house during weekends throughout 2005 as part of the Naval Academy's sponsor program. On two or three occasions, her boyfriend "asked me to film sex," the woman said. She said she did not feel comfortable doing that, and instead agreed to pose nude for photographs.

Ronan's attorneys pointed out last week that in one of the sex videos allegedly found in Ronan's house, the former boyfriend, by then with another woman, appears to look repeatedly into the camera after sex. The ex-midshipman testified that he was looking at a television supporting the camera.

Today, Ronan's attorneys plan to introduce evidence from the home computer of another of Ronan's accusers that allegedly includes pictures of partly undressed, athletic young men, including midshipmen. The attorneys say the pictures show a motive for that accuser, also a former midshipman, to make the sex videos. Prosecutors made a similar argument about the gay pornography found on Ronan's computer.

The defense is expected to conclude its case today with Ronan taking the stand.


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