Hillary's horoscope: It's how you read the signs

November 04, 2007|By Michelle Deal | Michelle Deal,Sun Reporter

I'm beginning to understand the problem with Hillary.

And it's not her hair or her husband.

It's her horoscope.

Her astrological sign, that is. She's a Scorpio.

Now, many of you who have lived through the Age of Aquarius and come out of it with two kids and a 401(k) will immediately dispatch this notion as hokey.

I admit it's more than a little out of the mainstream but, just for fun, who doesn't enjoy an occasional peek at a person's horoscope?

Hillary's birthday was Oct. 26, which puts her squarely in Scorpio territory. I'm not an astrologer, so I can't tell you about her sun, moon, planets or the house that was rising at the time of her birth. I'm just not that into astrology.

But I am a fan of zodiac signs and I love the way they appear to relate to a person's personality in ways large and small. I also think that every sign of the zodiac offers a seemingly distinctive mix of personality traits that could be used to describe just about every person you know.

Still, it's informative to observe just which of these traits are singled out to tie a widely known person to her zodiac sign. The traits they name reflect what they truly think of that person - positive or negative, filtered through the superficially neutral screen of the zodiac. I also believe in the power of even the most deeply entrenched personality to change. A move that might prompt onlookers to pick a distinctly different set of zodiac sign characteristics to describe them.

Then again, I'm a Scorpio, too, which means I think everything is within my control. I have a hard time letting go of the wheel. I tend to dominate discussion with my significant other. I have a withering gaze and have been accused of being cold, not to mention blunt. I can keep a secret. I don't forgive easily and I am not beyond dishing out a little payback every now and then.

Sound familiar?

It may also sound a bit unpleasant, which may be why the thought of Hillary in the White House makes some people cringe. But a lot of what folks dislike about Hillary might simply be explained by where the planets were aligned on the date of her birth. Hardly her fault.

And I've left out some of the best things about us Scorpios: We're loyal, honest, sensitive people who hate injustice. We will fight for a friend. We're passionate - we do nothing half-heartedly. We're highly analytical and can solve problems quickly and creatively. We're energetic about our causes, rarely tire of hard work and are usually successful in any endeavor. We have strong intuition and prefer to lead by example.

Sound presidential?

Well, it should. Theodore Roosevelt was a Scorpio and he's often counted among the most successful American presidents.

Two more Democratic candidates, Joseph R. Biden Jr. and Bill Richardson, are also Scorpios. I haven't heard anything about their cold and calculating ways. They must be exerting their sheer willpower.

Hillary's other rivals for the Democratic nomination also demonstrate several characteristics tied to their astrology signs. Barack Obama, for example, is a Leo. Hardly cowardly, the lion is a natural leader and a gifted speaker (mostly about themselves. Oops, I had a Scorpio moment). On the flip side, Leos also can be arrogant, vain and determined to have it their way. Yet Hillary may know just how to handle this sign: She's married to one.

The GOP's Ron Paul is also a Leo. So is Sen. Fred Thompson. Yes, Leo can be a little late to the party, but in their mind, the party doesn't start until they arrive.

John Edwards and Chris Dodd are both Geminis. The twins are intelligent, generally youthful and eager to learn. They are also chameleons and can be a bit restless and mercurial. President John F. Kennedy was a Gemini. So is Republican Rudy Guiliani, but he doesn't appear that young despite his three wives.

GOP favorite Mitt Romney is a Pisces. The fishes are generous, spiritual and artistic. They are in touch with their feelings and can be quite emotional. Romney could be a true compassionate conservative.

Both John McCain and Mike Huckabee are Virgos. This sign is known for being meticulous, practical and cautious. In general, Virgo is one of the most conservative signs of the zodiac.

Meanwhile, Dennis Kucinich is a Libra, the sign of the scales. Libras desire compromise and seek harmony. War is anathema to their peaceful nature.

None of the candidates shares the zodiac sign of our current president.

George W. Bush was born in July under the sign of Cancer. The crab sign is seen as romantic, sentimental and faithful. There's nothing they like better than being at home and perhaps clearing some brush. On the other hand, Cancers are notoriously moody and can sulk when things don't go their way. They can withdraw into their shells and refuse to budge - except to visit Camp David on the weekend.

So there you have it.

Clearly, electing a candidate based on their sign would be a mistake. But using their sign as another lens to view their character might offer new insights ... into your own feelings.

Knowing her sign may not make you like Hillary any better, but Scorpios don't want to be liked. We want to be loved - despite the occasional sting.


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