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November 04, 2007|By BERNIE KOHN | BERNIE KOHN,Assistant Managing Editor/Business

Starting next Sunday, The Sun will publish a redesigned business section called "Money & Life." It will advise you on how to save, spend, and make smart decisions about all aspects of your life as a consumer - from saving for retirement to shopping.

We aim to talk to you from across the breakfast table with stories, charts and graphics that will give you tools to make the decisions we face daily with our hard-earned money.

The section will be anchored by personal finance columnist Eileen Ambrose and Consuming Interests columnist Dan Thanh Dang, who moves into the new section from Tuesday's Business & Your Money section. Excerpts from columnist Jay Hancock's blog will appear on Page 2 of the section; his column that now appears on the front of the Sunday business section will move to Friday.

Other regular features will include a warning about scams, an update on gasoline prices in Maryland, price comparisons at local grocery stores, and details on product recalls.

We want your personal finance and consumer tips and will print the best of them. And we'll keep you updated on consumer information throughout the week through a new Web page and blog.

- Bernie Kohn Assistant Managing Editor/Business

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