County agrees to repair home's septic system

November 03, 2007|By Laura Barnhardt

Baltimore County officials agreed yesterday to repair damage done by public works contractors to an Essex home that has been the site of repeated sewage-related problems.

The latest damage -- discovered earlier this week -- was to a temporary fix installed after public works contractors accidentally destroyed the home's septic system.

Since beginning work in April 2006 to install a 54-inch pressurized sewer line from the Stemmers Run pumping station to the Back River Treatment Plant, contractors have bulldozed a swimming pool and outdoor brick grill at the home on Oriole Avenue.

In March, after damaging the home's septic system, county officials installed a temporary system, and agreed to eventually connect the home to the public sewage system, according to the homeowners and county officials.

But heavy equipment crushed the system's drainage field and sewage was discovered leaking in the yard again earlier this week, said Jack R. Sturgill Jr., a lawyer for the Schneiders, who filed a request in court to have the county stop work at the property.

After appearing before Baltimore County Circuit Judge Judith C. Ensor yesterday, county attorneys agreed that the temporary septic system would be restored, according to Sturgill and a county spokeswoman.

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