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November 02, 2007

Where the Ravens fall in the latest power rankings:


No. 14: The Ravens' Monday nighter at Pittsburgh is a critical AFC North battle. With two weeks to prepare, perhaps Brian Billick can come up with some fresh wrinkles for the offense.


No. 12: Did they get an offense during the bye week? Ray Lewis was right. Those fourth-and-one calls at Buffalo were dumb.


No. 14: Though it may be a little early to label any game a must-win, this one may just be that for the Ravens. After Pittsburgh, Baltimore hosts its other division rivals -- Cincinnati and Cleveland.


No. 17: Isn't it odd? I keep thinking of this team as having a losing record. ... Everybody's hurt, Ray Lewis is ripping the coach, people on other teams -- such as Adalius Thomas -- are taking shots. Not a healthy feeling, is it?

ColdHardFootball Facts.com

No. 12: The Ravens spent the bye week trying to clone aging kicker/main offensive weapon Matt Stover.

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