City's 15 screens aren't enough

The Gripe

November 02, 2007|By Chris Kaltenbach | Chris Kaltenbach,Sun reporter

Four movie theaters? The best Baltimore can do is four movie theaters?

Bravo to Landmark's seven-screen Harbor East theater, which opens today with a host of amenities - a bar, gourmet concessions, comfy chairs, digital projection - that could quickly make it an audience favorite. It should be interesting to see how its opening will affect the venerable Charles, especially since both theaters will be going after the same kinds of independent, nonmainstream films. I wish them both well (although my heart will doubtless remain at the Charles, which has been nurturing my cinematic sensibilities since the 1970s).

But let's get real. It's pitiful that this opening ups the number of movie theaters in this city by 33 percent (from three to four) and nearly doubles the number of screens, from eight to 15. It's also worth noting that all the theaters (including the Senator and Rotunda) are within a few blocks of the Charles Street corridor; there's not a single theater in West or East Baltimore.

Certainly the motion-picture exhibitors of the world can do better by Charm City than this.


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