First things first: Hill has a shot at O's job


The Kickoff

October 30, 2007|By ROCH KUBATKO

It appears that the Orioles are more likely to announce a new first base coach and bench coach before revealing their choice for a new front office position.

And as long as we're throwing out candidates for first base coach, we need to remember Moe Hill, who joined the major league staff in September after completing his second season at Double-A Bowie, and his fifth in the organization.

Hill, who spent three years at Single-A Frederick, is a former outfielder who also happened to work with the outfielders at Bowie. That's one advantage for him, since he'd be replacing a guy - Sam Mejias - who worked with the outfielders. He also has close ties to manager Dave Trembley, who brought him aboard last month.

Chris Hoiles' name also has been discussed, and he'd be able to work with the catchers, as Rick Dempsey and Tom Trebelhorn once did. But between those two, it sounds like Hill has the edge.

That doesn't mean he'll get the job, but he's a strong candidate. Sorry I can't give you more.

Now that Joe Girardi is set to become Yankees manager, it will be interesting to see if Leo Mazzone will be named pitching coach.

Rick Kranitz isn't going to back out of his deal with the Orioles and join Girardi's staff. You have a better chance of seeing Moe Hill date a supermodel.

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