October 28, 2007

LAST WEEK'S ISSUE: -- The Anne Arundel County Council has unanimously passed a measure asking the school district to adopt a policy to require Halloween celebrations. County Councilman C. Edward Middlebrooks introduced the resolution after learning that some schools would not have parties or parades. "I think its time someone starts standing up for things and saying this is ridiculous," said the Glen Burnie Republican. Anne Arundel County public schools leave it to the discretion of principals whether to celebrate the holiday.

Taxpayer says school is not for Halloween

The council tells the schools they MUST have Halloween parties? Are they insane? The purpose of our schools is to teach and prepare kids for life, not entertain and divert them from their studies. No wonder American kids do so poorly compared to other countries. I am outraged that this question should even have come up. Halloween does not belong in schools. Parties don't belong in schools. Religion does not belong in schools. Schools have only one purpose: academic preparation. All else is rubbish and wasted resources.

I don't want my tax dollars wasted on schools organizing Halloween activities. The proper organizations to sponsor such entertainment are clubs, community centers, church groups, private homes. Keep it out of the schools.

Kate Jones Pasadena

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