Glimpsed in Belvedere Square

Teresa Totty

October 28, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun reporter

Femininity is back in a big way, giving women the freedom to don dresses and skirts for everyday wear.

So many women, however, don't see the trend as liberating. It scares them to toss those baggy jeans and sneakers.

That's why we are so proud of Teresa Totty. She not only threw on a trumpet skirt, Mary Janes and a crisp white blouse just to have lunch with her mom, she also wore an overcoat in a beautiful shade of pink - with eyelets, to boot - with great style and aplomb.


Teresa Totty

Age: 44

Residence: Gaywood, in Baltimore County

Job: Freelance communications consultant

Self-described style: "Grown-up Catholic school-girl with an edge."

The look: Pink eyelet coat. Denim skirt. Crisp white blouse. Black Mary Janes (with heel). Black and silver beaded jewelry.

Where it came from: Coat from Anthropologie. Skirt purchased at White House / Black Market. Blouse and shoes from Nordstrom. Jewelry, she can't remember.

Can't shake that plaid skirt: "I went to Catholic school all the way through, even through college. So that stays with you - that tradition. I'm still a sucker for a guy in a white shirt. I know that goes back to seeing my big brothers and their friends in their white shirts and ties. And there's still something about a plaid skirt and a white blouse that still calls to me."

But no knee socks here: "Hopefully, I've grown up a little. So I try to mix it up a little bit, give it a little edge. It was always a challenge (wearing uniforms in school) to be different. Maybe you'd wear slightly different socks, or roll the waist of your skirt. It was always `What can I do to still fit the mold and not get in trouble, but where I can be a little bit of an individual?' I still look for the things that I can do that make me a little different."

Add flair with a coat: "My trademark is coats and jackets, with shoes a close second. I think that's what takes an outfit to the next level. That's what gives you your finish. It ties everything together."

Out: vintage shopping; In: vintage feel: "I really love vintage shopping, but as I get older, I have less patience for the stains and the smells and things not fitting right. So I look for things that have a vintage feel. I love the combination of modern and vintage and I try with every outfit to have that little something distinctive that calls out."

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