This Week's Checklist

October 28, 2007

Around the house

Wrap the hot water heater in an insulating jacket to save money on energy costs in the coming cool season.

It will soon turn dark earlier, so check all bulbs in exterior lighting and install timers to switch lights on at dusk and off in the morning.

Check insulation in the attic, basement and other areas for dirty spots, which can indicate air leaks into or out of your home. Seal any holes you find.

Check caulking and weather stripping, and repair where necessary.

Clean or replace filters on forced-air furnaces.

In the yard

Continue to mow lawn until the first frost. Remove the leaves when your grass has stopped growing.

Check gutters for leaks and seal them with a flat bead of silicone caulk. Downspouts, too, should be directed away from the foundation.

Pull up and compost flagging annuals. Dig up and save cannas and dahlias.

Power-wash and seal the deck.

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