Are powerhouse Pats football's evil empire?


The Kickoff

October 23, 2007|By BILL ORDINE

So, is it time to start really disliking the New England Patriots?

The beat-down of the Dolphins was certainly predictable. The Patriots have become the equivalent of a powerhouse college team that can run up the score at will against lesser opponents. They have a coach who is a convicted (by the NFL) angle-shooter. And a front office that is playing Big Brother by forcing an online ticket broker to give up the names and personal identification of 13,000 people who were involved in Patriots ticket transactions during the past several years.

There's also the issue of awkward personal circumstances on the part of some of the team's high-profile cast of characters, namely the coach (accused dalliances) and even the eminently likable Tom Brady (the Bridget Moynahan situation). But to be fair, in the larger context of the sports world, such matters are venial to be sure.

Sunday, the runaway was in full throttle - 42-7 by halftime - and Brady was pulled from the game. When his replacement, Matt Cassel, threw an interception for a touchdown, Belichick sent No. 12 back in.

That does little for the confidence of anybody on Belichick's team should something happen to Brady and Cassel be asked to do something a little more taxing than sit on a 21-point lead for half a

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