Drink up, waste not, recycle

October 21, 2007|By McClatchy-Tribune

No, buying new 360 Vodka won't solve overpopulation issues or reverse the effects of global warming.

But choosing what's being billed as the first "eco-friendly" vodka, instead of the one next to it, could make an itty-bitty contribution to environmental efforts.

Here's why: 360 Vodka is produced in Missouri using locally grown grains, which reduces carbon emissions from transportation; the company also claims it uses a highly energy-efficient filtering and drying process and that nothing goes to waste. It's bottled in 85-percent-recycled glass, and labeled, packaged and shipped using recycled paper products.

The company also will donate $1 to environmental causes for every wire-bottle closure that's mailed back (for re-use on other bottles). Pre-paid envelopes made from recycled paper are provided on each bottle.

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