In appreciation of Fred Stauffer


October 21, 2007

Fred Stauffer has been one of the great pillars at Annapolis High School. It was great to see him inducted into the Anne Arundel County Sports Hall of Fame last week.

I played three years of football and lacrosse at Annapolis for the legendary coach Al Laramore. During those three years, I got to know Fred well. Fred was my computer and math teacher, as well as the athletic director. Fred was a selfless, hardworking and dedicated man who gave himself to the students at Annapolis.

I was always amazed to see Fred at all of our games, doing the little things that seem unimportant: selling tickets at the door, collecting football equipment, cheering our teams to victory and anything else that needed to get done.

Fred helped me to get into the Naval Academy and from there eventually to serve in the Marines.

I count it an honor and privilege to have been associated with such a great man and deeply appreciate all that he did for me and the many others who passed through Annapolis High.

Michael D. Yu Annapolis

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