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October 19, 2007|By MIKE PRESTON

This may sound like a joke, but do you think Brian Billick might be holding back on offense so as not to show his hand to New England, Indianapolis and San Diego? John

John, you are brilliant. Why didn't I ever think of that? Not only has Billick been holding back this season, but apparently for the past nine because the offense has always looked the same. I don't know who is smarter - Billick, for coming up with this plan or you for figuring it out. I bet it goes even deeper. I think Billick has been trotting Matt Stover out for all of those field goals because Stover needs the exercise. He has been around the league for so long that Billick feels sorry for him and wants to help him out.

John, you are going to be the next Bill Belichick. I can feel it. And now, Billick will have to open up his offense because you've let his secret out of the bag. Hey, Tony Dungy and Belichick, watch out, because Billick is waiting to ambush your team when you come to Baltimore. And John, we owe it all to you.

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