Towson in guard hunt


The Kickoff

October 15, 2007|By MATT BRACKEN

Mount Carmel point guard Troy Franklin Jr. is set to announce his college choice at a news conference at 12:45 p.m. today at his high school.

Franklin will choose among five schools: Central Florida, George Mason, St. Bonaventure, Toledo and Towson.

Here's what Troy Franklin Sr. had to say about Towson: "Towson, with [head coach] Pat Kennedy and [assistant coach] Jim Meil, they really came off well. They're at every game, I mean every game, during the open period when they can be there. They made all the calls like clockwork. ... Kennedy made it clear they were pressing for Troy. Let's say Troy was tying his shoes. Kennedy would be looking at him when Troy was looking up.

"They did something that I thought was great. On every visit, you talk to the athletic director, but it seemed like they got everyone involved. The vice president came down. It was loose and carefree, but it was also a quality thing. ... And Pat Kennedy's got some pieces hidden away. I'll tell you that much."

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