State to replace trees it cut down, donate others

October 14, 2007

A state agency with headquarters in Annapolis will plant 120 trees to replace sickly ones it cut down and donate 240 more to the city for its reforestation projects.

Officials from the Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund and the city will hold a tree-planting ceremony Tuesday in the Primrose Acres community, which abuts the agency's office on Forest Drive.

In the spring, MAIF officials removed 120 trees from the parking lot behind its headquarters at 1750 Forest Drive.

The white pine trees, which were planted behind the building in the late 1960s, had root problems, had been damaged by wind and were hazardous to agency employees and several houses in the community behind the MAIF building.

In addition to replacing the 120 trees, MAIF has pledged 240 trees to the city of Annapolis, half this fall and half next spring.

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