October 14, 2007

THE ISSUE: -- Four Howard County high schools have decided to prohibit fans attending athletic contests from bringing their own beverages. Should this attempt to curb underage drinking be a school system policy?

Bravo to schools for their actions

We should be applauding the high schools that prohibit beverages from entering athletic events. The administration at all four schools should be commended for their strong stance.

It is up to each of us to do all that we can to ensure that alcohol and drug use is not tolerated. We should strongly support all efforts to reach this goal. Organizations such as HC DrugFree are here to help us. Every high school PTSA now sponsors an After Prom Party, and our community should do all that we can to support these events and ensure that our students attend these parties.

It is our collective responsibility to do everything possible to stand together each day and let our children know that because we love them, we want to keep them safe. Hopefully the other high schools and/or HCPSS will soon implement the no-beverage policy.

Caryn D. Lasser


The writer is president of the Atholton High PTSA.

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