October 14, 2007

LAST WEEK'S ISSUE: -- The Anne Arundel County school board will begin televising its meetings within a year, bringing the school system into step with surrounding counties but not satisfying critics, who want the meetings aired on the district's Web site, too. The idea has been brought before the board several times. Members supported it Wednesday after learning that the cost would be paid through fees already collected by cable companies, although some board members expressed concern that additional funding would be needed or that the technology might soon be obsolete. Others said the initiative was overdue.

"We've got to start somewhere," said Vice President Enrique M. Melendez, "and I think we need a presentation in the near future on how we get to the next step."

The next step, school officials said, could include meetings simulcast on the Internet and archived on the school system Web site. Would you watch a televised meeting? Would you be more likely to watch if it were available on the Internet?

Pay discussion would be worth watching

I would only watch a televised school board meeting if members were taking on the teachers' salaries and working on raising them. - especially if I had children in the system, which I do not.

I would definitely watch if it were online.

People are so busy these days trying to make a living and don't have enough time in a day as it is.

Diane Knaus Glen Burnie

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