Early pressure on Wie lands her in the rough

Varsity Letters


October 13, 2007|By MILTON KENT

Is it just me or does anyone else wonder what Michelle Wie's life would have been like if she had played on her high school golf team instead of trying to play with adults?

Wie, who turned 18 on Thursday, is an exceptional talent, to be sure, and might, at some point, become for the women's golf tour what Tiger Woods has become for men's golf.

But it's also increasingly obvious that she has been rushed onto the world stage before her game and her ability to process the highs and lows of the game are ready. Wie's parents, the LPGA and officials at men's tour events who granted her exemptions when she wasn't ready for them are complicit in what might become a talented young athlete getting too much too soon.

As quaint as it might sound, there really is a benefit for kids to play games with kids their age.


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