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October 13, 2007















General blasts administration

Retired Army Lt. Gen. Ricardo Sanchez, the former top military commander in Iraq, delivered a blistering critique of U.S. involvement in the Iraq conflict, calling American political leaders incompetent. pg 3a


Russians reject shield deal

Top Russian officials publicly rejected a proposal presented by senior U.S. Cabinet secretaries meant to convince Moscow to withdraw its objections to a missile defense system in Eastern Europe. pg 7a

China may move millions

China plans to relocate up to 4 million people from areas surrounding the Three Gorges Dam - the world's biggest hydropower project - because of rising concerns over the environment and landslides, state news media reported. pg 7a


Crab sanctuary proposed

Scientists call for creating a no-crabbing sanctuary in the Maryland portion of the Chesapeake Bay in a bid to rebuild the depressed population of the crustaceans. A large swath of the bay would be off-limits to crabbing in the fall when female crabs migrate south after mating to spawn in Virginia waters. pg 1a

For more peaceful youth sports

City parks officials announce a new code of conduct for spectators at Baltimore youth sporting events, warning that verbal or physical abuse of officials, coaches or players can result in vioaltors being ejected from a game or banned for the season or life. pg 1a

Nonprofit fights government

A Gaithersburg nonprofit that provides down payment assistance to homebuyers is battling a government plan to ban the practice by the end of the month. pg 10c

Home builder offers treat

Pulte Homes is trying to combat the housing slump with a Halloween-themed sale at seven Maryland communities, including Baltimore, with incentives that include selling at cost and guaranteeing the purchase of buyers' current homes. pg 10c


McNair uncertain for game

Ravens quarterback Steve McNair missed his second straight practice with a stiff back, leaving his status for tomorrow's game against the Rams unclear. pg 1c

Orioles fire Leo Mazzone

The Orioles fired pitching coach Leo Mazzone, even though he had a season remaining on a three-year deal. pg 1c


Fall vegetable gardening

In Saturday's Hero, writer Rob Kasper tries to keep gardening in cold weather, eking a second season out of the vegetable garden. pg 1d

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