Olympian Anita Nall


October 13, 2007|By Frederick N. Rasmussen

When Towson native Anita Nall swam her way to silver, bronze and gold medals at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain, she was 16.

Nall, now 31, graduated in 1994 from Towson Catholic High and then attended Towson University.

In 2000, she moved to Tempe, Ariz., and five years later, graduated with a bachelor's degree in communications and Spanish from Arizona State University.

"I continued to swim until the 2000 Olympic trials, which was the last time that I did that," Nall said the other day. "Now, I'm a certified life coach, and I'm working on my holistic nutrition certification at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe."

Since 2002, she has been married to Luke Richesson, a professional trainer at Athletes' Performance Institute in Phoenix.

"He trains NFL football players off season, helping to keep them in shape, as well as NFL hopefuls who are getting ready for the NFL's scouting combine," Nall said.

The couple have two children, Luther, who is almost 4 1/2 , and a daughter, Sunny, who is 2 1/2 .

"Mostly, I'm just a stay-at-home mom, but I have started my own life coaching business, which is in its infancy. I'm really excited about it. It's a new phase for me," she said.

"I'm a healer and wellness motivator, and work with individuals and groups who wish to gain further knowledge, and I help them find answers to their problems from within themselves," she said.

Nall still occasionally swims and conducts swimming clinics.

"I stay in shape now by lifting weights, and I prefer to do that more than swimming right now," she said.

"I just found out that I'm going to be inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame, which is in Fort Lauderdale," she said. "The ceremony will take place next year at the Olympic trials that will be held in Omaha."

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