Q&a -- Jarrett Johnson

Ravens Weekend

October 12, 2007|By EDWARD LEE

Jarret Johnson ranks third among the Ravens' defensive players in tackles (36) and is tied with cornerback Corey Ivy for the team lead in sacks (two). Well regarded for his intensity on the field, the linebacker finds solitude in one of his favorite hobbies: fishing.

What's the biggest fish you've ever caught? Probably a 90-pound tarpon. It took three hours and 15 minutes to reel it in. I was a freshman in college [at Alabama], and we were fishing with a real light tackle, like a 20-pound test. We were just sitting there, me and my mom and this buddy of ours. We were fishing for tarpon and one hit. He just kept running. He would run and lay down, and we'd reel him in, and then he would jump up and run again. It just took forever.

What's the key to hauling in a big fish? Let him run and let him tire himself out because the line is so weak that it's not strong enough to hold up that big of a fish. So you've just got to let him run. You can't bully him.

Is there one thing you have to do before you turn in for the night? Obviously hygiene stuff. But I do have to take my dog out because if I don't take him out, he's going to keep me up all night.

Do you have any favorite shows on television? Yeah, I watch Family Guy a lot, and I do like Everybody Loves Raymond. My favorite character on Family Guy is Stewie, the baby. My favorite episode would probably be the one where Stewie is trying to kill the broccoli [to avoid eating it]. That's a good one.

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