Wild thing

October 09, 2007

Jenna Bush told CNN's Larry King last week that her father, who will soon be looking for a job, would love to become commissioner of baseball.

This isn't so crazy.

Way back in 1993, George W. Bush, then managing partner of the Texas Rangers, cast the only vote against including a wild card team in the playoffs. At the time, he said he would eventually be vindicated. This weekend, the lowly Colorado Rockies proved that he was right. This is an outfit that has no business being in the top ranks.

The other wild card team of 2007, the Yankees, have a little more business, or at least a little more of a feel for, being in the thick of it come autumn. But it was interesting to see them done in by swarms of bugs in Cleveland on Friday night. Some Ohioans believe the bugs were so-called Canadian soldiers - which would be truly alarming, since they usually come out in June, but it has been in the 90s in Cleveland, so who knows?

Maybe this is global warming's way of trying to tell us something: Ditch the wild card. Maybe. But it would have been easier if we'd all just listened to Mr. Bush back in '93.

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