Rick Maese-- Points after

October 07, 2007|By Rick Maese

O's woes, Chapter 786: Looking for a sign as to what to expect out of the Orioles the next few years? Pay close to attention to what happens to Mike Flanagan. If Andy MacPhail truly has control, Flanagan will be moved far away from the controls. It's stunning he has lasted this long in a management position, and if he lasts even longer it will be really tough to believe MacPhail has the autonomous power he was promised.

A-Rod a dud: It has never been more obvious to me that Alex Rodriguez belongs in a place like Baltimore. Here, he could run up crazy numbers for 162 games and not have to worry about postseason disappointment. In fact, he wouldn't have to worry about the postseason at all.

Call me an idealist, but ... : I suppose I can appreciate Maryland coach Gary Williams' explanation of the men's basketball team's 0 percent graduation rate, but I prefer to think there's more to college than earning a buck or two. If academia were really all about preparing for high salaries, then how do you explain the existence of journalism schools? Universities are still about learning, and we learned last week that around College Park, some people seem to be content with the idea of a college functioning as a minor league team rather than a ticket to an actual education.

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