Power Rankings

October 07, 2007|By JAMISON HENSLEY

1. Patriots

Should give Al Davis a Super Bowl ring for giving up Randy Moss for a fourth-round pick.

2. Colts

At home, Peyton Manning has thrown six touchdown passess and no interceptions for a 127.9 rating.

3. Cowboys

With Tony Romo slinging the ball, they're the class of the NFC.

4. Packers

Will go as far as Brett Favre's arm takes them.

5. Steelers

There are still question marks about Pittsburgh's passing game.

6. Lions

Jon Kitna is on pace to throw for 4,908 yards and 32 touchdowns.

7. Seahawks

Team has scored at least 20 points in every game this season.

8. Titans

Tennessee is off to a strong start, considering its two wins are on the road.

9. Jaguars

Second-best scoring defense in the NFL (11.3 points).

10. Buccaneers

Another offensive genius relying on defense.

11. Giants

Is coach Tom Coughlin on or off the hot seat this week?

12. Broncos

Will go nowhere if they can't figure out how to stop the run.

13. Redskins

Let's see if the bye week gave them enough time to figure out the Lions' passing attack.

14. Ravens

Back to the days when they can't win on the road.

15. Cardinals

Kurt Warner simply gives them the best chance to win right now.

16. Browns

Run defense is still a concern, when opponents choose to expose it.

17. Texans

Not the same offense without receiver Andre Johnson.

18. Panthers

Not a good sign when they hold a players-only meeting in Week 5.

19. 49ers

No Alex Smith. No Vernon Davis. No passing attack.

20. Bengals

Carson Palmer just doesn't seem in sync this season.

21. Eagles

Allowing 12 sacks was uglier than their throwback uniforms.

22. Raiders

Oakland is tied for first in the AFC West. Huh?

23. Chargers

Will anyone hire Norv Turner as a head coach again?

24. Chiefs

Kansas City still needs to get Larry Johnson going.

25. Bears

What's next ... Jim McMahon at quarterback?

26. Vikings

Don't know why they never pursued a more dependable quarterback in free agency.

27. Jets

Coach not looking like "Mangenius" lately.

28. Falcons

Joey Harrington is looking good for being Joey Harrington.

29. Bills

Might have to stick with Trent Edwards at quarterback.

30. Saints

All-around bad: 30th in NFL in scoring offense, 32nd in scoring defense.

31. Rams

Neck-and-neck with Saints as most disappointing team in football.

32. Dolphins

Defense has allowed at least 30 points in three straight games.

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