David Steele -- Points after

October 07, 2007|By David Steele

Rafael Palmeiro says he's appalled by Marion Jones' insincerity and dishonesty.

Just so I understand: The NBA has a player dress code, but not a team executive harassment code, right?

Not to pretend to be a football expert or anything, but maybe this afternoon against the 49ers, the Ravens could try running the ball. With the back they traded three picks to get, dumped their all-time career rushing leader to make room for, and are paying $40 million to keep.

Whether the Orioles will regret Jim Duquette's leaving depends on whom Andy MacPhail gets to replace him. But Duquette is a good enough personnel man to put the regret ideas in the back of your head someday.

If you really can't stomach your options on whom to root for in the baseball playoffs, try the Colorado Rockies. You don't know their players and they got there on a bad call at home plate - but they voted a playoff share to the family of the coach in their minor league system who died after being hit by a line drive this summer. In a year like this, take the good karma where you can get it.

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