Glimpsed in Silver Spring

Bart Bullock

October 07, 2007|By Tanika White | Tanika White,Sun reporter

Graphic tees are all the rage, and we can understand why.

There are so many varieties - bold, cutesy, retro, tongue-in-cheek, edgy rock 'n' roll - that the wearer of the right one speaks volumes to the world without ever saying a word.

Conveying a message is what the best fashion does, whether the message is, "I'm rich," "I'm a fashion victim," "I'm serious," "I'm funny" or "I just don't give a good gosh darn."

It doesn't really matter what your clothes say, as long as they say - as in this case - what you intended.

Age: 20

Residence: Washington, D.C.

Job: Chemical engineering major at Howard University

Self-described style: "Real calm and fresh."

The look: Green graphic T-shirt. Greenish-gray cargo pants. Green Nike woven "Footscape" boot.

Where it came from: T-shirt from Cargo pants from H&M. Shoes from St. Alfred, a store in Chicago.

Why the Gestapo-like graphic tee?: "I just liked it, so I bought it. It says to me, `Forget the police.' This is my first time wearing it. I bought it like two summers ago."

"Calm, serene" style: "This is a real relaxed look. I'm not trying to put on a hundred layers with all the hats and stuff. I don't have time for all that."

Categories of fashion: "There's three kinds of people. There's professional cats, the people who wear suits everyday. Then you have people that are like, `Yo, that's hot!' So they go out and buy it. They buy the same old sneakers, the same old T-shirts as everybody else. That's corny. That's played out. Then there's people like me who stay fresh every day."

Will wear anything, as long as it's "fresh": "Just think of anything you can think of, and I'll probably wear it. Some crazy sneakers with some cargo pants. Or a crazy T-shirt. You gotta switch it up. You gotta be versatile. And you'll get recognized. See? I'm out here now - getting recognized."

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