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Ravens vs. 49ersThe Picks Ravens, 20-6

This week's guest is professional golfer Fred Funk.

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Ravens Weekend

October 05, 2007


Ravens, 20 - 6

When it comes to the Ravens, Trent Dilfer always leaves with heartache.

Edward Lee

Ravens, 19-16

The Ravens haven't inspired much confidence, but they can't possibly lose to the 49ers, can they?

Rick Maese

Ravens, 20-6

I'm glad I'm not Dilfer. The Ravens' defense will be running around Sunday trying to make a statement on every play.

Don Markus

49ers, 17-7

Dilfer finally gets his revenge.

Mike Preston

Ravens, 17-10

The Ravens will reject Dilfer for a second time

Peter Schmuck

Ravens, 20-6

Strange time for a must-win game, but that's exactly what this is for the Ravens.

David Steele

Ravens, 19-17

And that's assuming the underachieving defense can lock down Dilfer. Otherwise, we're looking at another road loss.

Fred Funk

Ravens, 28-17

They'd better get going.

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