Tight end Quinn Sypniewski caught his first

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Ravens Weekend

October 05, 2007|By EDWARD LEE

Tight end Quinn Sypniewski caught his first career touchdown pass in the Ravens' 27-13 loss to the Cleveland Browns last Sunday. But the weekend was not a total loss for the former Colorado Buffalo.

How did you feel about Colorado upsetting then-No. 3 Oklahoma on Saturday? That was great. Colorado has had some struggles the last few years. So to get a win like that is definitely a boost for that program. It was definitely nice to be able to come back on Sunday and talk a little smack to some of our Oklahoma brethren [Chris Chester, Mark Clayton, Kelly Gregg and Corey Ivy] that are here in Baltimore.

Did you watch the game? I wasn't able to see it. I did watch highlights of it. I was following it on my phone. I was hitting the refresh button every couple of seconds.

What did you learn during your two years as a student assistant in Colorado's athletic media relations office? You mean like all the goods and bads about the media? The tricks and how to lead questions in a certain way and how to ask questions to get the answers you want? It was like sleeping with the enemy. But it was awesome. I got write all of the Athlete of the Week columns for two years. It was blast.

You were an All-Conference basketball player at Johnston High School in Iowa. Which player would you challenge in a game of one-on-one? [Todd] Heap. Everybody talks about him and how he has good skills. I'm sure that would be a pretty fun one-on-one. I've never played Todd, but right now, I'd probably have the upper hand on him. But a healthy Heap, I don't know if I can take him.

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